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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1TJKWE15IS-M/SD: WBZ, Order Data for Inbound Processing
2RSADMINC96Customizing Table General BW
3BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
4/OTX/RM_TELIB24Enterprise Library Server Settings
5UMV_TR1259Obsolete:Val.Driver Tree:Assign.Web Reports to Value Drivers
6FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
7/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
8FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
9CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
10/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5OVTG52Tax Definition
6INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
7OJDT100Journal Entry
8OPCH386A/P Invoice
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3ORCT154Incoming Payment
4OVPM154Outgoing Payments
5OPCH268A/P Invoice
6OIVL77Whse Journal
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool
1Business One9.3OFRC871Financial Report CategoriesFinance
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

Use the column checkboxes to build your query. Header columns sets/unsets all columns

SELECT CatId, TemplateId, Name, FrgnName, Levels, FatherNum, Active, HasSons, VisOrder, SubSum, SubName, Furmula, Param_1, Param_2, Param_3, Param_4, Param_5, Param_6, Param_7, Param_8, Param_9, Param_10, Param_11, Param_12, Param_13, Param_14, Param_15, Param_16, Param_17, Param_18, Param_19, Param_20, Param_21, Param_22, Param_23, Param_24, Param_25, OP_1, OP_2, OP_3, OP_4, OP_5, OP_6, OP_7, OP_8, OP_9, OP_10, OP_11, OP_12, OP_13, OP_14, OP_15, OP_16, OP_17, OP_18, OP_19, OP_20, OP_21, OP_22, OP_23, OP_24, ProfitLoss, MoveNeg, Dummy, HideAct, UserSign, ToGroup, ToTitle, LineNum, IndentChar, Reversal, TextTitle, SumType, NetIncome, PLTempId, CustName, ExtFromBS, ExtData, LegalRef, PLCatId, SignAggr, Mandatory, AcctReq, NotPermit, KPIFactor, CatCode, CatClass FROM OFRC


ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1CatIdNumeratorint60 Allow NULL? 
2TemplateIdTemplateint110OFRT Allow NULL? 
3NameNamenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
4FrgnNameForeign Namenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
5LevelsAccount Levelint6011=Level 1, 2=Level 2, 3=Level 3 Allow NULL? 
6FatherNumParent Account Keyint60 Allow NULL? 
7ActiveActive Accountchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
8HasSonsIncluding Childrenchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
9VisOrderDisplay Orderint60 Allow NULL? 
10SubSumSubtotalchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
11SubNameSubtotal Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
12FurmulaFormulachar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
13Param_1Parameter 1int600 Allow NULL? 
14Param_2Parameter 2int600 Allow NULL? 
15Param_3Parameter 3int600 Allow NULL? 
16Param_4Parameter 4int600 Allow NULL? 
17Param_5Parameter 5int600 Allow NULL? 
18Param_6Parameter 6int600 Allow NULL? 
19Param_7Parameter 7int600 Allow NULL? 
20Param_8Parameter 8int600 Allow NULL? 
21Param_9Parameter 9int600 Allow NULL? 
22Param_10Parameter 10int600 Allow NULL? 
23Param_11Parameter 11int600 Allow NULL? 
24Param_12Parameter 12int600 Allow NULL? 
25Param_13Parameter 13int600 Allow NULL? 
26Param_14Parameter 14int600 Allow NULL? 
27Param_15Parameter 15int600 Allow NULL? 
28Param_16Parameter 16int600 Allow NULL? 
29Param_17Parameter 17int600 Allow NULL? 
30Param_18Parameter 18int600 Allow NULL? 
31Param_19Parameter 19int600 Allow NULL? 
32Param_20Parameter 20int600 Allow NULL? 
33Param_21Parameter 21int600 Allow NULL? 
34Param_22Parameter 22int600 Allow NULL? 
35Param_23Parameter 23int600 Allow NULL? 
36Param_24Parameter 24int600 Allow NULL? 
37Param_25Parameter 25int600 Allow NULL? 
38OP_1Operator 1char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
39OP_2Operator 2char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
40OP_3Operator 3char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
41OP_4Operator 4char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
42OP_5Operator 5char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
43OP_6Operator 6char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
44OP_7Operator 7char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
45OP_8Operator 8char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
46OP_9Operator 9char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
47OP_10Operator 10char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
48OP_11Operator 11char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
49OP_12Operator 12char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
50OP_13Operator 13char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
51OP_14Operator 14char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
52OP_15Operator 15char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
53OP_16Operator 16char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
54OP_17Operator 17char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
55OP_18Operator 18char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
56OP_19Operator 19char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
57OP_20Operator 20char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
58OP_21Operator 21char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
59OP_22Operator 22char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
60OP_23Operator 23char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
61OP_24Operator 24char10+=Addition, -=Subtraction Allow NULL? 
62ProfitLossProfit and Losschar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
63MoveNegMove if Negativechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
64DummyDummy Titlechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
65HideActHide Accountschar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
66UserSignUser Signatureint60OUSR Allow NULL? 
67ToGroupMove to Groupint600 Allow NULL? 
68ToTitleMove to Titleint600 Allow NULL? 
69LineNumLine Numbernvarchar60 Allow NULL? 
70IndentCharIndent Char.nvarchar60 Allow NULL? 
71ReversalReversal Signchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
72TextTitleText Titlechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
73SumTypeGross/Correction/Netchar10NB=Gross, C=Correction, N=Net Allow NULL? 
74NetIncomeNet Incomechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
75PLTempIdProfit & Loss Report Templateint110 Allow NULL? 
76CustNameCustomized Account Namechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
77ExtFromBSRelevant for Bal. Sht Extractchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
78ExtDataExtended Datachar10NA=Relevant for Asset History Sheet, L=Relevant for Liabilities History Sheet, N=Not Relevant Allow NULL? 
79LegalRefLegal Referencenvarchar1500 Allow NULL? 
80PLCatIdProfit & Loss Report Categoryint600 Allow NULL? 
81SignAggrSign for Aggregationchar10EE, N=Negative, P=Positive Allow NULL? 
82MandatoryMandatorychar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
83AcctReqAccount Verification Requiredchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
84NotPermitNot Permitted for Taxchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
85KPIFactorKPI Factor No.nvarchar30OKPF Allow NULL? 
86CatCodeCategory Codenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
87CatClassCategory Classificationchar10A=Asset, D=Expenses, E=Equity, L=Liabilities, R=Revenues Allow NULL? 


PRIMARYNoYesTemplateId, CatId